Translate messages in 120+ languages

Connect with key audiences in their language of choice

We speak your language

From Spanish to Chinese to French (and more) our auto translation platform supports over 120 languages to provide clear notifications to your customers, suppliers, employees, students, community groups (and more) in their language of choice. 

Powered by multiple translation engines - NotifyMe enables businesses of all sizes to find new customers around the world. And if you run a business in a diverse neighborhood, you can connect with customers in their own language to make them feel more valued and cared for.

How? Just create a message - hit send and have the "peace of mind" that your recipients will read or listen to them in their native language.  


  • Saves time, money and the hassle of having to translate important messages for segments of your contact lists
  • Takes out the need to further segment your contact lists based on preferred language
  • Closes the communication gap between your business/organization and your customers/audiences
  • Levels the playing field for all businesses and organizations - previously, only big enterprises could afford sophisticated translation services like the NotifyMe platform

Digital marketing tools

Affordable, user friendly digital solutions

Level the digital marketing playing field

Our affordable digital marketing offerings covering CRM, loyalty programs, vouchers, digital cards and more, enable you

to run sophisticated engagement campaigns (as run by big players in your business sectors) for a fraction of the cost.

You can also boost conversion with NotifyMe proximity beacons that send notifications - e.g. sweet deals, trial offers, safety messages - to subscribers as they enter stores. They can also be used to run “Pokemon” styled events guiding customers to various parts of your store.

Closer engagement

Personalized messaging for targeted audience groups

Get closer to your customers

Customers, parents, board members, guests, suppliers and more - no matter who is important to you, our group technology lets you segment your database anyway you like, to enable more relevant, customized communication.

You can also enable recipients to reply to threads, or set it so only you and/or a select few individuals can comment for added privacy.

The import feature also makes it easy to add people to groups – especially when they subscribe to your notifications.

Rich attachment capabilities

Engage your audiences with every content option

Share, share, share, share

As content shapes nearly every purchase or life decision we make today, NotifyMe is a very content-sharing friendly platform.  So, whether you’re creating videos, white papers, memes and more, NotifyMe can support and send it.

NotifyMe also makes it easy to provide your subscribers with ongoing valuable content – streaming videos, downloading PDFs, accessing images and more - direct from our platform.

Real time analytics

Spotlight new opportunities and challenges

Numbers say so much 

Every notification tells a story and our analytics feature delivers real-time data from who’s receiving your messages (and preferred languages) to other metrics such as subscription on-boarding rate, deletion and open rate, and more rich insights.

Spam and troll free space

Higher open rates and protection from online trolls

Avoid trash cans and online trolls

While email is popular, spam filters block many messages from the inboxes of key audiences resulting in very low open rates. 

App-based platforms like NotifyMe however, enjoy higher open rates thanks to opt-in only models and push notifications ensuring that your content will not be routed to the trash bin.  

NotifyMe has also built-in troll defenses – so when you make a product announcement, the message cannot be attacked by hate speech or negative comments from random users.