Sports club, league, and facility managers

Want to get even closer to your players, fans, and club members this season? 

The return of sport is a great time to re-connect and fire-up your players, club/gym members, coaches, fans etc, with slick engagement game plans. NotifyMe is an MVP engagement and communication platform - easy-to-use, content-friendly, and inclusive (auto-translates 120+ languages) - it's tailor made to bring everyone together on game day and beyond!




Connecting players, club members, coaches, fans, and others isn't straightforward, or simple today because of tech, device, language, and other barriers - but NotifyMe overcomes these

Peak performance

NotifyMe helps sports club, league and facility communicators and administrators reach "personal best results" in key areas such as: 

  • Easy updating, and segmenting of contact lists to make messaging more personalized, customized, and relevant to target groups  
  • Tracking who's opening and reading messages, and seeing which messages connect better than others
  • Direct messaging fans, members, players etc as soon as they come into stadiums, clubhouses, gyms, courses, etc

Time to 'change up' and diversify

Yes, the ubiquity and reach of email, SMS and social media platforms will help you reach large audiences but they have major engagement limitations such as:

  • Spam, hacking, and troll threats 
  • Data and chat privacy concerns
  • Connecting with customers who speak different languages

Diversification is the way forward and NotifyMe offers a terrific, affordable alternative messaging channel for your sports league, club or organization.  

As easy as texting a friend

Sending notifications to your team, club, or league base, should be as easy as sending a text message to a friend (or group chat) - NotifyMe makes this a reality by addressing big challenges such as:

Are my messages getting read or going straight into the spam or junk box?

How can we reach people who speak English as a second language?

Is my contact list really up to date and how can I segment these easier?

Are my messages boring? Can I add more user-friendly content?

Built to meet your sporting needs

As it's not a messaging solution tacked onto a social media platform, NotifyMe offers more functionality and messaging privacy to better connect everyone from players and coaches, to diehard fans, to club stalwarts, to little league team players and parents.



Hurdle language barriers

From Spanish to Chinese to French, our auto-translation feature (supporting 120+ languages) helps you connect with your club or league base - wherever they are in the world - in their language of choice. They can also choose a speech-to-text option.

Contact list updating made easy 

Struggling to keep contact lists up-to-date and separating them into groups to send targeted messages? NotifyMe makes its easy to tag contacts, and separate them into relevant groups - e.g. players, coaches, fans, volunteers etc to personalize messaging with them. 

Next level engagement  

Make game days, workout days, golf days etc, extra special with creative notifications - sent via proximity beacons - to fans, players, members when they walk into your stadium, gym, or golf course. And build stronger "team bonds" with digital vouchers, ID cards, and our other digital marketing tools that add a personal touch. 

Save time and money

Do you use email and social media to communicate with your diverse sporting audiences? Even though they're not secure, or appropriate for personalized messages (social media), and most emails are not opened or read. NotifyMe overcomes these barriers and best of all - it costs less than using bulk SMS with  packages for all needs and budgets. 

Learn more about your audiences

Our CRM feature - combining message delivery and CRM in a single, efficient platform gives you deeper insights into the likes and dislikes of your audiences. And the data belongs to you - it won't be mined, shared, and monetized by others.  


NotifyMe is super content-sharing friendly. From video highlights of latest matches, to infographics with training tips, to game day galleries, and more, NotifyMe makes it easy to deliver unique content-experiences to your audiences direct from our platform.

Check who is reading your notifications 

Numbers say so much - use real time metrics to measure engagement and guide future communications. NotifyMe delivers real-time data from who’s receiving/reading your messages (and in what languages) to on-boarding and deletion rates, and other rich insights.

Quickly share news,
assign roles and more

NotifyMe is versatile - ideal for sharing latest fixture lists, promo news, updated gym or course opening times, new staff work rosters, safety notifications and more. And use the Team function, to assign colleagues to be the main communicators in their specialist areas - e.g. membership rules, ticketing, training, coaching, health and safety, and more. 

Personal Privacy

If sharing your personal mobile phone number on social media, or other platforms, is something you're very reluctant to do - we get it - we feel the same. With NotifyMe, organizations and members can send messages from a web browser to mobile app without having to share phone numbers. NotifyMe cuts through the noise of email and SMS text, while maintaining safety and security. 

User stories

and their positive experiences and outcomes

Revolutionized the way we communicate

"The NotifyMe translation feature has revolutionized the way we communicate with our diverse, multi-language speaking membership base that includes Cantonese, English, Mandarin and Japanese speakers."


Real-time COVID-19 risk analytics solution

There were many reasons why we chose to work with NotifyMe as the delivery partner for our real-time COVID-19 risk analytics solution, including features to accommodate different access, data privacy, and control structures."


One timely message that everyone can read 

"Thanks to NotifyMe, we now send one timely message that everyone can read – in their  own language – to save lots of admin time and resources - I would recommend NotifyMe as a communication tool for all apartment and housing communities."


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Why should my business use NotifyMe instead of email, SMS or social media?

NotifyMe is superior to all of these channels. Let's go through them one by one:

Email: With an average 20% open rate, Email is a proven disaster when it comes to reaching your customers. One wrong word and your email is banished to the Spam wasteland. Also, unless you're using a campaign based email processor with metrics and reputation management, you'll not get any metrics similar to what is provided in NotifyMe or you put your email reputation at risk.

SMS: SMS (a.k.a. text messaging), is not just a multi-decade-old technology, it provides a very poor user experience. Most SMS delivery systems support you sending out cryptic messages that don't support metrics or multiple languages well. Also, what about metrics and delivery reports?

Social Media and Chat: Everyone uses social media or chat applications for their own reasons. Let's go through a couple:
Which do you use? - There are numerous social media platforms and chat applications used by your audience. Are you supposed to get business accounts or pages on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, LINE, etc just to reach everyone? Remember, if your business is in a metropolitan area and have a large audience, you'll need to use all channels to reach everyone. And then, how do you handle the various languages?

If you haven't seen it yet, please watch this video for more information on the value proposition for NotifyMe.

Trolls - These days, the internet trolls are out in force. Let's say that you have a new shoe to announce and you plan to announce via Twitter. How long will it be until someone, maybe a competitor, starts attacking you about your sweatshops in Asia. Remember, the veracity of their claim is unimportant. If they simply level the charge, you now have a new problem that your public relations department has to handle.

Crossing personal boundaries - Social media users are starting to understand that social media platforms and apps track their behavior and illicitly use personal data to push ads from parties who have nothing to do with them.

In addition to the things mentioned above, NotifyMe is a spamless technology. There is no "@" or any other kind of user_id or other identifer which can be used by others to send you unwanted information. And, subscribers will feel safe adding your place because they know that they can mute you or any of your notification types

How can I build my Subscribers?

Throughout the NotifyMe system, we refer to the people who subscribe to your notifications as subscribers. This nomenclature does not fit all organizational scenarios but it is generally accurate (e.g. You send out Notifications to your groups of subscribers and they receive them).

We also like to refer to them as constituents and people because you should view them as anyone who should be interested in hearing from you. These people could include employees, customers, investors, suppliers and members of the general public. However, for the sake of consistency, we have adopted “Subscribers” to refer to everyone using the NotifyMe app and receiving your notifications.

You can build your list of subscribers by allowing them to scan your place’s unique QR code or you can invite them via email or SMS. NotifyMe supports both ways.

If you want them to completely opt-in and scan your QR code, simply download your QR code from your Profile. You can then print off multiple copies and place them around your premises in strategic locations or you can even add your QR code to your website. See the image below for ideas.

If you invite them, you can import a CSV file of the subscribers that you plan to invite into the system and then publish the invite to everyone.

We provide a CSV template for you to use. This template has everything you need to correctly import your subscribers. Please ensure that the data that you import into the system for your subscribers is complete and up to date. We have a lot of validation rules to ensure clean data, but we can’t verify if Kevin’s phone number actually belongs to him. We leave that up to you since you know him best.

We require at least one of a valid email address or a valid phone number per subscriber because the invites are sent out by one or both.

What are Notification Metrics and how can I view them?

If you want to see delivery and feedback metrics for a notification that you’ve sent, click on “View Metric Detail” underneath the notification in the Notification Timeline. You’ll see all kinds of interesting details appear such as % Delivered, % Not Delivered, Translation Ratings, User Reactions and whether any attached media was opened and where it was opened. This is important for you to evaluate the effectiveness of the message that your notifications are conveying.

How does NotifyMe capture the notification metrics?

Whenever you send out notifications, they are delivered to our NotifyMe app wherever your subscribers are in the world.

As soon as the notification arrives at each device, the NotifyMe app sends a message to our servers where we collect all of the metrics. This allows you to compare the percentage of notifications received to the number of notifications expected to arrivie.

Whenever your subscribers open the notification that they received, the app sends another short message to our servers for storage and analysis.  

If your subscribers open or view any attached media, the app also sends a message to our servers. This allows you to see how many of your subscribers have attached your attached media such as images, videos or PDF files.

If your notifications are translated for any of your subscribers, those who are viewing translated notifications can rate the quality of those translations from 1 to 5 stars. As soon as a subscribers rates a translated notification, that metric is communicated to our servers immediately.

Your subscribers can react to your notificatins by Liking them or by marking them as inappropriate. Mouse over each bar to see the extent of each reaction.

Whenever your subscibers mark a notification as in appapropriate, they are prompted to give an additional level of detail. With the click on the screen, they can describe exactly why it is inappropriate about your notification. Like all other metrics, that reaction will be transmitted to our servers and your account immediately.

This is how the details of inappropriate metrics are displayed to you. If you mouseover each bar, you'll see the subdetail such as the exact reason why the notification was inappropriate.

As a place or a business, how do I use NotifyMe?

Please watch the video below to see how you get started and use NotifyMe for your business or organization.

What are IYC Tokens?

IYC Tokens are cryptographically utility tokens based upon Stellar and the Stellar Consensus Protocol. You can use them in numerous ways to reward some or all of your subscrbers for their intreractions with your place.