Keeping the World’s Best Badminton Players COVID Safe

Messaging and healthcare apps add layers of protection

February 18, 2021

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NotifyMe and CareChek recently paired-up – like a strong doubles team – to keep the world’s best badminton players COVID safe and alert.

The apps played a vital role at the 2021 HSBC Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Tour Finals in Bangkok. While all BWF finals are major, this one was extra important for the BWF and Thailand.


Hosting a global tournament during a pandemic (and a new COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand) was a big test of their bio-security capabilities. They aced this however, as the event was hitch and glitch-free, watched by millions on TV.

Keeping players and coaches safe

Off-court was where we were very proud to play our part.

Partnering with Thonburi Hospital (tournament medics) and K2 Venture Capital (the CareChek developers) our NotifyMe notification app was deployed to keep everyone safe.

NotifyMe was installed on the smartphones of the more than 1,000 visitors attending the first Asian BWF tournament since the COVID-19 outbreak. Our app, with the embedded CareChek platform, enabled rapid collection of infection risk data from stadiums, training zones and hotels.

How NotifyMe was deployed

A NotifyMe alert was sent to players and coaches at 6am every morning.

The alert reminded them to open the symptom checklist in NotifyMe’s CareChek screen to tick if they had any of the ailments listed. This included fever, body and head aches stomach cramps, and 12 other symptoms.

Their health data was then cross-checked with the location history on their phones to see if they had been near any possible infection zones. Predictive analytics, big data, location tracking, and the symptoms listed were then analyzed to provide a green, yellow or red risk rating for the players.

These ratings were vital because they helped officials to keep players in the same risk band together. Those in the same risk band therefore stayed on the same floors, trained at the same time/venue, and relaxed/ate in the same areas. 

Hundreds of NotifyMe proximity beacons were also installed throughout the Impact Arena stadium and facilities to enhance tracking. Although four players tested COVID positive two weeks before the finals, the event ran smoothly thanks to a robust check system!


In addition to making a difference player safety-wise, the event also showcased NotifyMe’s versatility. Designed to enhance B2C messaging for businesses of all sizes, it can also be deployed by schools, sports leagues, counties, and small organizations.

As it’s not messaging tacked onto a social media platform it also offers more privacy and functionality. For example, its translation engines support 120+ languages allowing users to send messages that recipients can read in their language of choice. This feature alone made it perfect for the BWF event with players and coaches coming from nearly 40 countries.

New partnerships

Collaboration-wise, it was also terrific to work closely with Thonburi hospital, one of Thailand’s biggest, most respected healthcare operators.

We were also excited to extend our partnership with K2VC that began during our joint CareChek integration project in 2020. Right now, the NotifyMe and CareChek combination is being deployed by several Thai manufacturers to help keep their employees and production lines COVID-safe.

Moving forward, we anticipate more joint COVID-19 screening and analysis projects in the near future.   



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