Your club's onramp to the Physical Web

Be like Amata Spring Country Club and let NotifyMe handle your club's communication strategy.


Customer Relationship Management

Every business needs a CRM system, even your golf course.  CRM systems enables your club to get to know your members and guests in more intimate ways.

The CRM feature in NotifyMe stores all contact details, notes, images, QR codes, interactions and more in each member's CRM card.  While viewing a membership card, you can interact with the member directly in any language via notifications.


NotifyMe's CRM system enables unlimited segmentation capabilities.

Interact & Learn

The more you interact with your member, the more you will know about them.

Membership Cards

Get rid of plastic.  Use NotifyMe to deliver digital membership cards to your members' devices.


Keep Members Informed.

Whether you need to send course updates, event notifications or deals & promotions, use NotifyMe to keep your members and guests in the know.

NotifyMe automatically handles high quality language translations, multimedia, and analytics to see how effective your communication is going.

Watch this video to see if NotifyMe is right for your business.  We think it is.


Deliver Notifications WHERE they make sense

Imagine delivering course or weather updates to members and guests when they arrive at your course.

For just $45 per month, you can deliver up to 30,000 notifications of any time to your members, guests and employees in ver specific locations (down to 1 meter of proximity).

This is not a GPS solution so location privacy away from the course is not an issue.





2,250 notifications per month

all other features included



5,000 notifications per month

all other features included



11,250 notifications per month

all other features included